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What is a Pass-Through Service?

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Terra ETL understands what it is like to be an independent contractor; we’ve been there.


Working as an independent contractor can give you a lot of freedom, but it also means you're responsible for billing, insurance, taxes, and other hassles. You may want to consider using our  pass-through service to handle these tasks.


As a self-employed contractor, you have to do all your own timekeeping and billing, find your own insurance, and deal with a lot of other details that an employer would usually handle. If you’d like to rid yourself of some of this work, a pass-through service may be just what you need.



Pass-Through for Independent Contractors

As an independent contractor, Terra ETL pass-through services allow you to eliminate the hurdle of expensive insurance coverage required by your client. We cover those insurances.


Benefits of Terra ETL’s pass-through program to both the client and the consultant include:


Sufficient insurance coverage – Many firms require both Common General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance of the independent consultants they hire. Consultants can avoid expensive insurance costs by passing through Terra ETL to comply with insurance requirements imposed by such firms. The client benefits from knowing all consultants have adequate insurance coverage.


Contract administration – Clients and consultants eliminate extra administration time and expenses associated with contract negotiations and optimize the contract renewal process.


Invoicing and timesheets – Clients reduce accounting expenses and administration overhead by streamlining timesheet collection and invoice submission processes.


Single point of contact – Terra ETL provides a single point of contact for all inquiries related to independent consultant contracts, invoices, timesheets and payment. The burden to the client of managing many independent consultants' billing and contract maintenance is thus, alleviated.


Payment – Terra ETL sets up all independent consultants to receive electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments directly into their bank accounts.


Arms length relationship – Both clients and consultants ensure proper regulatory compliance.


Consistency – Clients are issued standard contracts, timesheets and invoices in a consistent format.


Benefits for Independent Contractors

Terra ETL understands what it is like to be an independent contractor and their need for benefits. Terra ETL can provide benefits for contractors, that include Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, Health and Dental, and plenty more.

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