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Data Integration

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The oil and gas industry generates significant data volumes through the life-cycle from planning to production to decommissioning. In addition to digital subsurface data, there are significant quantities of documents relating to all aspects of the business.

Key to an effective and productive business is the ability to find specific information quickly – from licence agreements through to facilities design plans. The first steps to achieving this are the building of a standard file and meta data capture systems which need to be implemented across all sites. This also allows for scalability and facilitates any future migration to EDMS systems.

Terra ETL have staff who have designed and overseen projects to implement the build and adoption of such integrated file systems. This is achieved through working in close consultation with the different business functions, including IT, financial, legal, human resources, drilling, exploration and production. With a fit-for-purpose data repository there are immediate benefits:

  • Data completeness and elimination of duplication

  • The development of retention schedules necessary to meet regulatory compliance

  • The development and adoption of a version control, key to ensuring the latest revision is the one being referenced



Application and Database Support

Terra ETL have extensive experience covering all subsurface data types, and subsurface applications of variable scale and architectural complexity. Through these our consultants are able to provide both database and application support of numerous applications and databases, including:

  • Database design, population and migration

  • Functionality (how a product works, what options it comes with)

  • Performance metrics

  • Hardware, network and platform requirements

  • Maintenance, support and upgrade cycles

  • Compatibility, linkage and synchronisation with related and dependent systems

  • Cost analysis

  • Onsite support

  • Administration of the application environment (users/security/configuration)

  • Finding solutions and workarounds to software defects

  • Onsite focal point to serve as an interface between the users and software support

  • Resolving data quality issues

  • Improving the infrastructure performance

  • Providing guidance and creating procedures for the optimal use of the software

  • Project managing deployment and upgrades

PPDM Implementations & Migrations

Utilizing extensive data model expertise, we offer guidance on the benefits of PPDM to the E&P industry. Committed to customer satisfaction, our consultations foster the development of a data model that matches an organization's unique needs and strategy. Additionally, we offer education and training on the use of the selected data model as well as implementation consulting, ERD creation and quality control services to ensure accuracy, quality, and production success.



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