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Employee Benefits

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Are you tired of being a contractor? Don’t feel stable and that you have the support of a company that is growing and looking out for you? Are you worried about only having one client? Are you acting as a sole-proprietorship and not sure about the taxes and other issues? Do you miss being part of something and seeing it grow, knowing that someone will be looking out for you and finding projects and assignments that are interesting and challenging? Do you want benefits paid for by a company? Vacation and sick days?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions about your current contract, we will work with you and move you to an employee position at Terra ETL. We’ll work at extending the contract or moving you to one of our many projects. You’ll work with interesting people who have varied experience in the oil and gas industry and have worked many places worldwide in their careers.


Some of the benefits of switching to an employee of Terra ETL are:

  • A competitive salary

  • Bonuses based on company performance

  • Bonuses based on your own personal performance

  • Minimum 3 weeks vacation + 1 week off over Christmas and New Years

  • A training budget sponsored by Terra ETL to attend industry courses in IT, Oil & Gas, Pipelines and at Universities and Colleges (Min $3000 to a Max of $6000 with a C+ or higher in University Courses)

  • AD&D

  • Short Term and Long Term Disability

  • Supplemental Health Care to our Provincial Coverage (Dental, Health, and Eye)

  • Healthcare Savings Account ($750)

  • Coming in 2015, RRSP contribution by Terra ETL (with a two year vesting period)


If you want a change and want to join a growing and exciting company, contact us!

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